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‘Learning and Achieving Together in a Caring Community’
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Our Value themes – Ann Edwards Church of England Primary School

At Ann Edwards Church of England Primary School, our aim and purpose is summed up in our schools vision statement :- ‘Learning and achieving in a caring environment ‘. We are a caring and happy school that encourages everyone, both children and staff, to give their best.


Our vision for Ann Edwards C of E Primary School is based on a foundation of Christian values and principles which include respect, honesty, compassion, responsibility, courage, co-operation, and perseverance. They form the basis of the spiritual, social, intellectual, emotional and moral development of our children. These values are addressed through specific lessons, assemblies and collective acts of worship, but we also embed these ideals throughout the whole curriculum. We encourage the whole school community to take greater responsibility for their own behaviour, actions and learning. As adults, we lead by example and demonstrate to the children that we care for them, have a positive perception of them, understand their feelings and listen to their views. We strive to create a positive climate for all within the school, where everyone is valued and respected and where disrespectful attitudes and actions are challenged should they arise. It is important, as the children grow up, that they learn to choose, develop and deepen their own positive values and consider the implications of their choices in relation to themselves, the communities of which they are a part, and society at large.


We have twelve main themes which form the basis of our ‘Values’ work in school. They are:


Year A 2018-19

Year B 2019-20








Compassion and Humility

Thankfulness and Creativity



Trust and Responsibility


Respect and Peace



Courage and Hope

Justice and Wisdom


These values are presented one for each of the six terms. We work on a two year cycle. Links between the values are referred to at all times, as and when appropriate. This helps the children to realise that values are connected to each other and also to recognise how those links can be made. Whatever the theme, the whole school community should be encouraged to see these values in the light of the way they behave and the decisions they make.

Value Of The Term




Be careful with your words.

Once they are said 

They can only be forgiven 

Not forgotten or 



Forgiveness is the best form of LOVE

It takes a STRONG person to say they are SORRY

and an even stronger person to



Kindness and Compassion Lead to Forgiveness 




Forgiveness Biblical Meaning 

The Bible guides us  and helps us to understand what true forgiveness is . It is  the intentional  act of excusing an mistake or offence , showing compassionate feelings  that support a willingness to forgive . 


Children’s Books on the theme of Forgiveness 

The Goiggle Couch    Dan H Bonesteel

Will You Forgive Me ?   Sally Grindley 

We All Need Forgiveness    Mercer Mayer 

The Forgiving Tree    Jan Berenstain 

The Forgiving Lion     Efrat Haddi

The Hardest Word    Jacqueline Jules

Words Are Not For Hurting    Elizabeth Verdick