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Tomb Raider - The Mummification Process


We have begun our new topic ‘Tomb Raiders’ where we are studying Ancient Egypt. In Literacy, we learnt how Egyptians mummified people to prepare them for their afterlife. Once we learnt what happened at each stage of the mummification process, we worked in small groups to mummify a banana. We focused on using imperative words and conjunctions. We are now writing up our steps to share with a local museum.

Here were the steps we followed when mummifying our banana:


  • Wash the body and then slit the body on the left side, so that you can remove the stomach, intestines, and liver. Then carefully put them in the Canopic jars.
  • Remove the brain using a hook through the brain, in order to discard it.
  • Cover the body with salt and leave for 40 days, so that the body is kept dry.
  • Smother the body with oils, in order to keep it fresh.
  • Stuff the body with saw dust and then sew the body back up.
  • Wrap the body in linen and make sure you give the body eyes!