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Tomb Raider - The Afterlife

During Literacy, we acted out the stages of the Afterlife. The Egyptians believed that before a person could get to the afterlife, they had to pass through the Underworld. The Underworld was a place that was full of terrifying monsters and dangerous animals. A person would need magic to successfully overcome these threats. The Egyptians chose spells to take with them on their journey. The spells were chosen from a group of spells known as the Book of the Dead. 


Do you want to know the stages of the Afterlife? Then read on to find out more


Step one: First, you will need to grab your hand book of spells to help defeat the terrifying animals in the Underworld. Anubis will be waiting for you in the Underworld and he will help guide you through this terrible time.

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The Ancient Egyptians were absolutely terrified of crocodiles, snakes and hippopotamuses! They believed the Underworld was full of these horrible creatures. You will also need to take Anubis with you. 

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Step two: Once you manage to travel through the deadly Underworld, you will meet the Devourer of the Dead named Ammit! Your heart is removed and weighed compared to a feather. If your heart is lighter than a feather then you are a good person. If your heart is heavier than a feather, then Ammit will devour it and you will not pass into the Afterlife!

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Step three: Finally, if your heart is lighter than a feather then you are lucky enough to meet Osiris who guides you into the Afterlife. You will be greeted with your possessions there.


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