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The unsolved crime - Maths


After discovering lily pads scattered around the classroom from the unsolved crime, we decided to link this mystery to our problem solving lesson. 


Here is what we needed to do: 

There are two families of frogs – purple and blue (each family contains 3 frogs).

The purple frogs live on the left of the pond, the blue frogs on the right.

The purple frogs want to get to the right side of the pond as they think the blue frogs get the juiciest flies.

The blue frogs, on the other hand, think the purple frogs get fatter flies and want to get to the left of the pond.

There are 7 lily pads which the frogs must use to cross the pond.

Frogs can only jump to EMPTY lily pads.

Frogs can only jump over ONE other frog at a time.

Frogs don’t know how to jump backwards!

Work out how the families swap sides. What is the smallest number of jumps they have to make to get there?



The children used trial and error strategies to solve this problem and some children were even able to identify a pattern.

You can have a go at:


Picture 1