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The lily pad mystery

Today, when we walked into the classroom, we were greeted by PC Mobey who was investigating an unusual crime. Scattered around the classroom were lily pads and it was our job to gather evidence about the peculiar incident. 

At 9.30, we were invited (as journalists) to a press conference where we were issued an official police statement about the crime, it said the follow: 


On Sunday 19th November 2017 it was reported to Gloucestershire police constabulary that an incredibly peculiar and most devastating crime had taken place at Ann Edwards Primary school. Teachers had arrived at 7:00am on Monday 20th November to discover lily pads scattered about their school in a chaotic and disorderly fashion. I have a statement here from some of the first teachers on the scene. The year 6 teacher, Mr Mobey, said ‘the horror, oh, the horror. What sort of sick and twisted monster would play such a prank? It’s not right.’


The deputy Head, Miss Harris, later commented that her thoughts are with the families of those people who have been directly affected today and she will find it tough to move on from this experience. We have released further interviews with some of the other teachers of Ann Edwards school as well in the hope that it may trigger other witnesses to come forward. I warn you that some of the following details are distressing. Miss Sheldon, the year 5 teacher, said “think of the children, the carpets that they sit on are now slightly damp. Oh why won’t anyone think of the children!” Having been one of the first teachers on the scene, Mr Bruce said he almost slipped on a slimy lily pad as he entered his classroom. He said he finds the whole situation difficult to believe but hopes that no frogs/toads were harmed during this act of amphibious vandalism.


Whilst it is not yet clear who or what caused this horrific crime, please rest assured that the police are taking this toad related matter very seriously and intend to get to bottom of it.


We then had to list the witnesses and the evidence. We will write a newspaper article about the event using all the evidence and statements we have collected. 

Pictures from the press conference