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Ann Edwards Rugby Squad
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The Ann Edwards’ Rugby Team, consisting of 15 players, went to the Cirencester Arena on Monday 13th March to participate in a rugby match against Cirencester Primary School.


A coach took us to the Arena and Mr Thomas split us into an A and B team.  Cirencester also had an A and a B team.  The A teams played each other and on the other pitch, the B teams from each school mixed up and played a friendly match.


The A team game got off to a good start, not having many dropped balls and managed to score a try, putting us in the lead.  After Ann Edwards scored a couple of tries, Cirencester managed to break through our defence, but we kept our heads up and didn’t let it affect our performance, despite the fact that they won the first game.


We then played them again with our heads still held up high, not letting the loss in the first game dampen our spirits.  After a close battle from both teams, Ann Edwards claimed victory in the second game.



Both the scores from each game were added together and Ann Edwards came out on top with the end result of 14 – 12.  The team were overjoyed with our performance and all our hard worked paid off.


                                                                                          Match Report by Ethan