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STEAM - WW2 trip

On Thursday 9th November, Year 5 and 6 were lucky enough to visit the Swindon Steam Museum. This museum ran many workshops which supported the children to understand what life was like during the war.


The workshops enabled the children to think about life as an evacuee. By standing in line on the platform, they could also sample the emotional experience of being chosen (or not) by adults willing to accept evacuees into their families. We also enjoyed listening to an air raid siren and going inside an Anderson Shelter. Inside, we sang some WW2 songs and looked at what they would do to keep themselves busy.


Here is what Aimee and Ella-Louise thought about the trip.

Our trip was AMAZING! First, we had the evacuation where we were discussing what it was like to have lived through WW2. We were looking at some of the clothes from children and babies. We were also looking at gas masks.

Did you know that the baby gas masks were huge? You had to place the baby in it like it was a sack. After that, you needed to pump air through a tube so that they could survive the gas bomb! We were then given the opportunity to go around the museum.



We got to go inside a pretend bomb shelter with props in it. Next, they let us pass round some WW2 artefacts so we could guess who used them. After that, we heard a real siren to tell us bombs were about to be dropped.