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Service Children

Supporting Our Service Children.


Frequent moves and the deployment of loved ones are often unsettling for service children and can affect their academic and emotional well-being.


Service Pupils are supported by the government  through Pupil Premium Funding of  £300 per child.

This funding is aimed at ensuring  service pupils transition is supported through  targeted  nurture and entry , exit assessments and actions  as pupils move. Service pupils work can also be effected by transition of others around them. Service pupils Pupil Premium is  also  used by the school to support :- transition, intervention groups,  SEND, G and T  , Closing The Gap support , counselling ( if identified as a need and  in consultation with parents).


The funding is not used to support additional costs for trips and residential visits as this is not the intended use. If however families are experiencing difficulties as with all pupils they can apply  , in writing , directly to the head teacher for this to be considered.


A full overview of Pupil Premium spend, identified barriers  and impact , can be seen under 'Key Information'  Pupil Premium.

As a school our record of progress and achievement for service pupils is something we are very proud of . We have an excellent link with families and the army base.


Mrs Jo Jones is based within school to support our service children. She has a wealth of experience in supporting service pupils and brings to the role a wide range of skills and understanding. Her role within the school is to provide focused support to children of military families.


Mrs Jones helps children with the transition between schools, both integrating on arrival and in their preparation for departure. She offers academic support where necessary and provides a vital link between the school and the service families. Mrs Jones will also help to support service children when a parent is deployed overseas. In this way she will look after the academic and emotional well-being of service children and offer help to offset some of the more difficult effects of the mobility of service families.


Her post is partially funded from an MOD grant and from Service Pupil's Pupil Premium.