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Science Week

During Science week we found out about the weather and why we have different types of weather during the year. We found out about the different seasons and learnt that the Earth orbits the sun and the weather is warmer when the Earth is nearer to the Sun. We asked the question, 'Why do we see rainbows in the sky?' and found out about how sunlight is made up of the seven colours of the rainbow but we can only see these when they shine through a prism, which would be raindrops on a sunny, rainy day! We investigated with torches and prisms to make rainbows appear. We also asked the question, 'why does it rain?'. We found out about the water cycle using some hot water and a mirror, we saw how the hot water evaporated as steam and rose up to the mirror where it condensed and then precipitated as it cooled down and turned back into water and fell as 'rain' back to the jug.