‘Learning and Achieving Together in a Caring Community’ "Do to others what you want them to do to you" - Matthew 7:12
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School Organisation

Ann Edwards School currently organised into eleven classes as follows:-


Early Years Foundation Stage.  (EYFS)                                                                                                                               

Acer and Apple


Key Stage 1                                                              

Year 1 Class Bay, Year 1 and 2 Class Beech, Year 2 Class Birch.


Lower Key Stage 2                                                                   

Year 3 Class Chestnut, Year 3 and 4 Class Elm, Year 4 Class Holly.


Upper Key Stage 2                                                                                     

Year 5 Class Oak, Year 5 and 6 Class Yew, Year 5 and 6 Class Sycamore 


Children join our EYFS classes in September following their fourth birthday and the governors and school adhere to the Key Stage One class size legislation of thirty pupils as a maximum in each Key Stage One class.


The Senior Leadership Team (SLT) currently consists of the Head Teacher, Deputy Head, SENDCo and School Business Manager (SBM)


All curriculum areas have subject leaders who have overall responsibility for all aspects of the curriculum throughout the school.

Core subjects are:-

Literacy            Mrs Seymour and Miss Lund                         Link governor - L. Buchanan

Maths                Mrs Chapman and Ms Baker                        Link governor - TBC

Computing         Mr Vaughan                                                 Link governor - TBC

Science              Mrs Gleeson                                                Link governor - TBC


Foundation subjects:-   

Art and DT     Mrs McLoughin                                               Link governor - J. Poulton 

Music              Miss Lund                                                      Link governor - J. Poulton

MFL (Spanish) Ms Baker                                                      Link governor - E. Chapman

Geography & History Mrs Roseblade and Miss Sowden      Link governor - TBC

PE                  Mr Thomas                                                     Link governor - M. Powell

RE /PCSHE      Mr Bruce                                                      Link governor - M. Nelson 


Other key coordinator roles:-

EYFS               Mrs Connolly                                                     Link governor - L. Buchanan

SENDCo          Mrs Chapman                                                   Link governor - C. Broadhurst

Gifted & Talented         Mrs Chapman                                       Link governor - C. Broadhurst

Safeguarding           Miss Baker DSL and Miss Sowden DDSL      Link governor - L. Buchanan

Designated Teacher for Children In Care (CIC)    Miss Sowden.   Link governor - C. Broadhurst

Assessment   Miss Sowden  and SLT , subject leaders.                Link governor - TBC


In all phases teachers  have planning, preparation and assessment (PPA) time together. This ensure teachers can share planning and skills sets and subject interests.


PPA release time is covered through:-

Spanish lessons taught by a qualified Modern Foreign Language (MFL) teacher Miss Barrett, music (Mrs Jones)  and RE lessons led by class teachers. In the school we are also fortunate enough to have a qualified ‘Forest School’ teacher, Miss Lund, who takes Year 1 and 2 pupils for ‘Forest School’ sessions on a rota basis so that all KS1 pupils have two terms of Forest Schooling each year.


EYFS pupils also have Forest School sessions through outside qualified ‘Forest School’ instructors.