‘Learning and Achieving Together in a Caring Community’ "Do to others what you want them to do to you" - Matthew 7:12
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Safeguarding at Ann Edwards Primary School

Safeguarding Is Everyone’s Responsibility


As a school we are committed to ensuring everyone is responsible for Safeguarding and that  robust procedures are in place to Safeguard our pupils and staff. Our Child Protection (Safeguarding)  policy is updated annually and  in line with Keeping Children Safe in Education September 2018 requirements and is reviewed termly by the DSL and Safeguarding Governor .  


It is a statutory requirement for every school to have a designated senior person who manages Safeguarding. In schools this person is the Designated Safeguarding Lead or D.S.L


Designated Safeguard Lead

Our DSL is Ian Moore (Head Teacher) and the Deputy DSL's are Deputy Head Teacher - Gemma Lund, SENDco -Faye Sheldon and Family Liaison Officer - Jo Jones.

The DSL and Deputy DSL work within the Frameworks outlined in the DfE Statutory Guidance: - Working Together To Safeguard Children (Last updated July 2018) and Keeping Children Safe In Education (Last updated September 2018)


Safeguarding is the responsibility of all staff in the school  and as such all staff are asked to read  and sign to say they have read key policies (Child Protection (Safeguarding) Policy (section 1 and Annex A also if they are members of teaching or teaching assistant staff), Guidance to Safer Working Practice).  They are also asked to complete Prevent training and online Child protection training within seven days of their start date.  They are also required to read and sign to say that they are aware of the mandatory reporting of FGM or suspected FGM (Female Genital Mutilation).


Responding to Prevent Duty The DSL and deputy DSL have both completed Prevent Duty training as well as all members of staff within seven days of employment at Ann Edwards School.


Safer Recruitment procedures are followed in a robust manner when recruiting all members of staff and the interview panel always minimum safeguarding requirements, having at least one person qualified in Safer Recruitment.  The Head Teacher and the Safeguarding governor have completed Safer Recruitment training.


Governor Responsible for Safeguarding

The governor responsible for Safeguarding is Hannah Rennie. Her role is to meet on a regular basis with the DSL and Deputy DSL to ensure she is trained and up to date with all Safeguarding information, nationally, locally and within the school. 


Safeguarding and the Curriculum

Pupils are taught how to keep themselves safe and how to recognise and manage risk in line with Age Related Expectations.(AREs)  In addition to this  we also use Collective Worship  and assembly opportunities to promote and highlight any specific safety areas or concerns  often linking these to our Values. Through Forest School opportunities and Clubs we also teach more distinct skills such as using tools safely and also safety through sports. Please also look at the designated section on 'E Safety' on our web site to see how we encourage safe use of the internet and keeping yourself when online.


Safeguarding and Communication

Newsletters are used as a point through which to communicate any safety concerns linked to Road Safety, Stranger Danger, and safety in the community in response to building works or specific events. We have a safeguarding section on each of our newsletters; promoting what we are doing inside of school and in our local community to promote safety and safeguarding.  Please look in the newsletter section of this website to see the safeguarding updates.


Please refer to the Policies page for the Child Protection (Safeguarding) Policy and Behaviour Policy

Anti-Bullying Policy


Top Anti-Bullying Tips

  • Always remember you are not the problem the bully is. You have a right to feel safe and secure.
  • Always tell someone you trust straight away. This isn’t telling tales. You have a right to feel safe and adults can do things to stop the bullying if they know about it.
  • If you find it difficult to talk about bullying then write it down and take it to an adult to read.
  • Spend time with your friends. Bullies hardly ever pick on others if they are with friends and in a group.
  • Try ignoring the bully tell them to stop and walk away whenever the bullying starts.
  • If you see someone else being bullied you should always try to stop it. If you do nothing then you are saying bulling is ok and it is not. It is best to treat others the way you would lie to be treated so say something or tell an adult straight away.


A good rule to live by is:- Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself. Walk in their shoes. Think about how others feel when you say and do things.


School Road Safety

Please note that parents are not able to drop off children on the zig zag lines outside the main school entrance.  This must be kept clear at all times as the school buses need to park there before and after school.  Please help us to keep our pupils safe by only parking in the main school car park or on the main pedestrian area of Berkeley Close.  Even during busy periods parents are not permitted to park outside the main school entrance or areas marked with yellow lines.


Scooters and Bikes in School

To avoid and accidents we ask that all children (pupils in school and younger siblings) do not ride their scooters or bikes within the school site.  There is a scooter bike park situated by the main school entrance which has the facility to lock scooters and bikes up should you wish to provide a small lock.


Road Crossing Patrol                                                                                                                 

We are very lucky at Ann Edwards to have two Lollipop Ladies Mrs Vinnicombe and Mrs Crook who look after the Broadway Lane crossing between 8.30am - 9am and 2.55pm-3.25pm.  Please make sure pupils walking to and from school by themselves cross at this designated patrol and get off scooters and bikes before crossing the road.