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PGL 2019

Day 1 - Well we made it... eventually! After a four hour drive, with the children on their best behaviour, we stepped off the bus and straight into activities. Miss Betts and her lovely group instantly tackled the high-flying zipwire. The children were fantastic and in true PGL spirit, they all gave it a go. They then moved onto the street surfing whereby we have a few skateboarders in our ranks. Mr Mobey and Miss Sheldon's fabulous teams began their week with a competitive archery competition; many hit the centre! They then took it in turns to abseil down an eight metre drop and again we were incredibly proud of the children's courage. It was an extremely wet and action-packed opening to our PGL adventure.

Day 2 - Today was another action-packed adventure with the children pushing themselves to their limits and facing many new challenges. Mr Mobey and Miss Sheldon's groups courageously tackled the infamous trapeze whereby they had to scale an eight metre pole and jump for a hanging bar. The children were extremely impressive with the way they supported each other and encouraged each other to reach the dreaded platform at the top. Following this exhilerating activity the children were then treated to a session of fencing which they were all very good at and thoroughly enjoyed. Meanwhile, Miss Betts' group was taking part in one of the children's favourite activities - archery. They later tested their nerves once again by participating in abseiling. The 30 foot wall the children had to scale did leave one or two a little wobbly but everyone gave it their best effort and the instructors were once again very impressed with the team spirit of our children. The afternoon was incredibly wet and for all the right reasons because the children were able to experience surfing on one of North Devon's best surf beaches - Westward Ho! The children had a fantastic time and many even managed to stand and ride the waves. The evening came to a close with robot wars where the children dressed like robots and performed tasks which was highly amusing to watch and the children loved being a part of the fun. Another hugely successful day and we are refusing to allow the weather to dampen our spirits.

Day 3 - It was a beautiful day today and a much needed break from the rain and wind. The children, now used to the morning routine were up and ready before we had the chance to wake them and were full of enthusiasm about the day head. All three groups experienced quad biking and rifle shooting today. The children were scarily accurate with the rifles and many hit the centre spot as well as accumulating very high and respectable scores. The quad biking was another fantastic experience for the children and they loved having the opportunity to race around the track. There was a number of children who were extremely careful and cautious, but there were also others who are thankfully too young to drive on our roads! It was a brilliant start to the day and a real highlight of the week so far. Later, Mr Mobey's and Miss Sheldon's groups experienced sensory trail, a blindfolded obstacle course (which the children found hilarious) and aeroball, basketball on trampolines, both of which the children loved. Miss Bett's group bravely conquered the trapeze and then finished their afternoon sessions with a competetive fencing contest. The evening activity was ambush: a huge game of hide and seek in the dark. It was a brilliant day today and the good weather made it that much more special.