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Old Prison and Lock Up Trip

What a fantastic day we had visiting the old Lock up in Cirencester.  We found out it use to be used as an overnight jail for people who were found out after curfew or had committed crimes and were awaiting to go in front of the magistrate.  It was originally housed on Gloucester Street before being moved to where it is now to form part of the Old Workhouse. 


The Old Lock Up

The Old Prison in Northleach used to house men, women and child prisoners.  It was built after an report was published saying prisons needed to be improved.  People were sent to prison for crimes such as Larceny. laziness, poaching and assault. Prisoners were given a loaf of bread a day plus 2 pints of soup twice a week.  Men, women and children had to carry out Hard Labour tasks such as working the Treadmill to grind flour for 8 hours a day!  They had to do 52 steps a minute which entitled them to a 5 minute break!

The Old Prison