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Mountain Biking Level 3 Competition


On June 16th, four  Year 6 children attended the Level 3 event at Hartbury College. There were three competitions, individual boys, individual girls and team relay race. 


All three events were timed and after each heat the king or queen on the paddock was announced. Two girls and two boys entered each race. Jacob and Beatrice were both excellent competitors and were the quickest boy and girl in the individual races. 


The afternoon was the toughest race. The team relay, each child needing to complete three laps of the circuit.  We set out in high spirits completing three laps in first place. They then had a hick-up. The chain came off their bike!!!  Mr Thomas was alert enough to run on and as quickly as he could fix the chain. We then had nine laps to work our way back into first place. The children showed  pure determination and  completed their relay in a very quick time, 15 minutes and 10 seconds. They then had to wait and watch other children complete. The children were  nervous watching it. The races finished and  emotions were running high. As the results were read out the children's excitement and anticipation built . Finally, they were called out in first place. Winning by 19 seconds. 


An excellent day full of hills, fun  and excellent sprints and sportsmanship .

A 'can do ' attitude by all which got us through!