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It's a Knockout


It's a Knockout


Its A Knock Out Returns !

Last year we invited the 'Its A Knock Out' company to Ann Edwards school to celebrate our 25th Birthday . The event was such a success and a great springboard to promote fun and team spirit in sport , for adults and children alike, that we decided to ask them to come back this year !


On Friday 26th June we held our annual It's a Knockout event. Once again the children arrived with excitement to see the seven  different inflatables popping up across  the school field. The EYFS and  Key Stage One children were the first to enjoy the obstacles. One hundred and twenty  children confidently  took on the obstacles showing  true 'Ann Edwards'  determination  with each event! 


In the afternoon, the Key Stage 2 children had their go at taking on the obstacles. With a slightly more competitive feel, they made their way to the obstacles and had a fantastic afternoon. Sixteen  teams tackled the obstacles head on. The weather held off and the children were able to complete all the dry obstacles. The second half was full of soggy children and wet clothes following the bubble and water obstacles sections! . 


Evening Event .After a short break, the adults teams  arrived to take on the inflatables. Seven  teams warmed up each determined to try their hardest  and each with a range of tactics to hand!. The teams split into heats for  each obstacle,  scoring points throughout. Each team had a joker to play, which meant they could double their score on that obstacle. The winning team certainly deserved their win. Good fun was once again had by all in what may now be an annual Ann Edwards Summer  event !