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Intel Trip

A variety of children from Key Stage 2 took part in some inspirational Intel workshops, such as:

  • “Crashed on Mars” - gives students the opportunity to build a PC from its core components and discover how these work. This also teaches them the principles of programming by giving them the opportunity to programme an Arduino Genuino 101.
  • “Mars Rovers” - offers students their first introduction to programming as they attempt to program the rover to navigate a maze. Students must work in pairs to discover how to escape the maze, and how their code can work to do this.
  • “Rocket Cars” - enables the children to discover their creative side while teaching them about simple engineering, introducing concepts such as balance, forces (including centrifugal force), pressure, and other mathematical and scientific theories. Using K’nex the children are given the brief to design a Rocket car which can hold the pressure of a 20psi Rocket.
  • “Spaceship Supply Chain” - gives students an insight into the processes involved in producing products. Mixing business and STEM, students race to build spaceships faster than the opposing team in their roles as suppliers, sources, quality controllers, and manufacturers.


We would like to thank Mrs Stowe for inviting Ann Edwards Primary to this very fun event once again.