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History of Ann Edwards School

The History of Ann Edwards School


Newcomers to the area frequently ask about the origin of the name of our school, which was only adopted when the buildings were located on the present site in 1970.


Mrs Anne Edwards lived in South Cerney and was actively involved in education in the early 1800s. She was the wife of the village curate and ran a dame school. When her husband unexpectedly came into money, she endowed the first school building which was opened in 1820. It was a Church of England Foundation School and we know from early records, that there were 29 pupils in 1867. The colours of the Coat of Arms of Ann Edwards - black and gold - have been adopted as the colours of our school uniform in memory of the founder.


The original building still stands in School Lane; it was used as a school until 1970 when it was outgrown and children moved to buildings on our present site. These were demolished in 1990, having been replaced by a modern, purpose-built school.