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Forest School

After a rather heavy downpour we had great fun exploring the different trees we have in the school grounds.  We identified the different parts of the tree such as trunk, branches, leaves and roots and marvelled at how many different types of trees we have in school.  We then gave the trees hugs to see if we could tell how old they were by how wide their trunks were.  We decided the wider the trunk the older the tree!  We then had a fun game of Goose grass tag as the plant has little hooks all over it which make it stick to clothing as well as other plants!
Well the rain fell again but it didn't spoil our fun of exploring the trees. Today we used tape measures to measure the width of the trunks to help us find out their ages.  If you cut down a tree you can see its growth rings on the cut trunk but without cutting them down you can work out their age by measuring their trunk in centimetres and then divide it by 2.5 to find its age.  We found out that a lot of our trees in the school grounds are teenagers with ages of 14-16 years with the eldest tree being 54 years old. 

Measuring a Trees age