‘Learning and Achieving Together in a Caring Community’
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Forest School

What a rather wet start to our Forest School sessions but as they say "No such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing!"  With that in mind we embraced the rain and had super fun jumping in puddles.  We also used it as the perfect opportunity to look for earthworms who use wet weather as the perfect time to move.

We all worked together as a team to move wooden pallets to create a decking area outside our new forest chalet.  We also created tables by rolling wooden reels we had had donated.

We also had great fun pretending to be living things from different habitats.

Team Work

As part of our Science topic we have been learning about Food chains.  We played a game of producer, prey and predator to help us learn what the words meant.  We had great fun working out if we were going to be eaten or not!  As part of our Science topic about living things and their habitats, we used the cut willow to create birds nests.  We couldn't believe how tricky it was even

though we had 2 pairs of hands to do it unlike a bird that just uses its beak!

Producer, prey or predator!