As you may be aware our school is now closed, following Goverment guidance. Please visit your child's class pages for information on work for your child to complete whilst we are closed. Thank you
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We are now in full Christmas mode in EYFS and we've been having a fantastic time. We met our Elf called Holly who wanted us to guess her name by writing on strips of paper and posting them into the gold box. She also wanted us to decorate our tree because it was looking very bare! The children decorated, cut out and threaded their own decorations and our tree now looks very festive. 

Holly also decided to write tricky words and CVC words on our snack! We had lots of fun reading the words before we ate our bananas. 

We have been focusing on scissor skills in EYFS, the children cut out their own paper chains to decorate the classroom and cut out Christmas trees to decorate as well. We also shared our favourite Christmas stories in show and tell.