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Braeside 2019 Year 4

On Wednesday 23rd October 34 Year 4 children met in the red cage at school all very excited for their 3 day trip to Braeside. Suitcases safely on the bus we waved goodbye to parents and headed off on our adventure. When we arrived we were met by Josh who was our leader for our visit. Then our adventure began

We headed off for a walk by the canal. We looked at the locks, saw a man fishing and we lucky enough to actually watch a barge enter a lock and rise up to be at the correct level of the canal to continue it's journey. We had lunch back at Braeside and then in the afternoon had so much fun on the low ropes, problem solving and indoor traversing. After dinner we got wrapped up warm to go to the camp fire where we toasted massive marshmallows and sang camp fire songs. That was a fantastic end to our first day.

Day 2 we were up early and after Breakfast we were told what our morning activity would be. We were in groups of 6 or 7 and with £1 each as a group we went to Devises Market to buy lunch. We had to consider the packaging, cost, if it was locally sourced and most of all it it was healthy. It was great fun and gave us a lot to think about and talk about. We returned to Braeside where we made our sandwiches/lunch trying to think about our presentation. In the afternoon we walked across fields to a local farm where we learnt about the different crops and animals on the farm.

Our final day started with us packing and clearing our rooms. The Josh explained that we were going to search for 3 different types of sticks to light a fire. In 4 groups we built our own fires but lighting them proved quite tricky!!! Once they were lit we cooked some dough on a stick and ate the delicious bread, cooked on a fire that we had built!!!

So it was time to head home. We had all had a FANTASTIC time but it was time for a bath and an early night.

Thank you Braesidesmiley