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On Wednesday 5th June our Year 2 children joined the rest of Year 2 and the Year 3s and we went on a trip to the Badminton Estate. We saw many of the different things that happen on the estate and it was really interesting., We looked around the Kitchen Garden that not only had beautiful flowers but it is also where they grow lots of vegetables such as artichokes, lettuce, asparagus as well as raspberries and many others. We then went to see some people from the forestry team who showed us how and why they cut down trees and that they then sell the logs to the village as well as the Estate using them. After that we went to see some of the dogs that they use when they go hunting. We got to sit in one of their vehicles and watch one of the spaniels retrieve.

After that we had a talk about the crops that are grown on the estate and how the crops are turned into food that we then eat. Just before lunch we met a lovely 12 year old dog who was so well trained by his owner and again used for retrieval. He was even able to beat us in a race to retrieve a ball.......for an old dog he was VERY fast!!!!!

After lunch we saw the hounds. The Estate has 160 hounds which they work every day. They were very big and we saw how fast they ate their food!!!
We had such a lovely day and look forward to hopefully going again in Year 3!!!