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Badminton Estate

On Wednesday 5th June, Year 2 and 3 had a fantastic trip to Badminton Estate.  We were invited and welcomed by Gary who introduced us to his working dog.  He showed us how obedient his dog was and also how fast he was by beating us in a running race!  We saw many different things that happen on the estate and the different jobs that people do.  We found out about the farm part of the estate and the different crops they grow and how they use animal products such as wool and milk to produce other things. We were rather apprehensive about meeting the estates 160 hounds as they were nearly as tall as some of us!  We saw how well trained they had to be and how the younger puppies learnt from the adult dogs so they could run up to 50 miles a day! We really enjoyed walking through the walled garden as it was like a secret garden.  There were beautiful roses, foxgloves, vegetables and our favourite strawberries!  We all had a fantastic time and look forward to being invited back next year.