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‘Learning and Achieving Together in a Caring Community’ "Do to others what you want them to do to you" - Matthew 7:12
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At Ann Edwards School pupils are invited to take on various roles and responsibilities to ensure that they have a voice in wider decisions of the school. Through these roles they have an opportunity to learn how they can make a difference through engagement at a range of levels.


These roles include:-


Head Boy and Head Girl / Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl


Year 6 pupils applied for these roles at the start of the year. As part of this role they are invited to meet the Head Teacher every two weeks, are ambassadors for the school, showing parents and visitors around the school and interviewing pupils across the school on matters linked to the School Development Plan. We are pleased to announce that:-

Bella G and Joshua G have been appointed Head Girl and Head Boy.


Emily B and Alex H have been appointed Deputy Head Girl and Boy.


Josh G Head Boy Hello! I am Josh. It is an honour to be made head boy. Other people have called me kind, helpful, hard-working, responsible, sensible and thoughtful. I enjoy looking after and playing with younger children and have a younger brother in reception so that gives me a bit of practise! I have grown up in a family of 7- 3 brothers and 1 sister- and we love to make each other laugh. I enjoy Drama, Comedy and Music. I go to a drama festival every year and take part in the village pantomime. One of my hobbies is writing and when I am writing, I love to let my big imagination fly! I also read books and spend time with my younger brother very often as well. So far, I am enjoying being head boy and I am looking forward to future responsibilities. Josh G

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Bella G Head Girl Hello, my name is Bella and l am Head Girl for Ann Edwards Primary school' when I got Head Girl I was over the moon, I couldn't believe my luck! I really wanted the position because this will improve my confidence and will help me in secondary school and gives me more responsibility. I am currently in year six and I am 10 years of age, also I live in Siddington with my mum, dad and a sister who also attends Ann Edwards school' I also have two pets, a dog called Poppy who is a black Labrador and is four years old. Also, I have a 7- year- old tortoise whose name is Tiggy.’ I have a few hobbies, one is netball which I play for Cirencester at Kings Hill secondary school on a Monday evening. Also, I attend a Rookie Lifeguarding course on Wednesday evening at Cricklade leisure centre. Another hobby I love to do, is shopping because it makes me feel happy and relaxed. At Ann Edwards school I have a variety of friends which are very supportive when I need a hand and I could probably make a whole list about why they are so nice! Bella G

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Alex Hook Deputy Head Boy Hi I’m Alex Hook and I am the Deputy Head Boy. I am so happy to have been chosen for this role and it’s been my dream since I was 5 or 6 years old. The day I was given my badge was my proudest day in school and I treat it like a medal. As the Deputy Head boy it is my job to represent all the students and show kindness and tolerance to all. I believe that I have learned these skills over the past 7 years where I have lived and gone to school in 3 different Continents, Asia (Brunei Darussalam), North America (Canada) and Europe (England). I am a very creative person who really likes technology and computing. My favourite activities are swimming, producing and editing videos with my green screen (which are shown at my local cinema), making comics and producing videos (voice only) for my You Tube channel. Whilst travelling around the world I have met many friends from many different cultures and religions. My favourite travels so far have been in Canada where I learned to ski and play ice hockey in the Winter and trekked the Rocky Mountains in the Summer. But last but not least, I moved to South Cerney in 2016 where I love being a student at Ann Edwards, my favourite things about the school so far have been the residential trip to PGL Liddington and water sports with Mr Thomas at the lakes and of course being Deputy Head boy!

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Emily B Deputy Head Girl. Hello, my name is Emily. I am the Deputy Head Girl for Ann Edwards School. I have a sister called Megan in Year 3. She also goes to Ann Edwards School. I live in South Cerney with my Sister, Mum and Dad. I have a Black Labrador called Harry. My favourite things to do are, Gymnastics, Designing, Golf and Playing Video Games. As part of my role of Deputy Head Girl, I will help out by, taking parents (who have or have not got a child in Ann Edwards School) to have a look around the School. I will make sure every child in the School is happy and feels like they are part of the school. The school is a happy and safe place for everyone.

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In addition to this :- Caitlyn W, Connie Y, Amy E, Holly W, Joe B , William E, Alex T, and Seth W have also taken up posts of Yr 6 Sports Ambassadors .


School's Council

Pupils are elected to be on the School's Council through class elections. Two pupils represent each class. School's council meetings are held fortnightly and council members share ideas and suggestions taken from their class peers. Please view the gallery for the most recent updates.



Playleaders do exactly that! They organise and help lead play at playtime. We have recently invested in a wide range of play equipment for playtime and lunch time. This equipment is colour coded to Houses and Playleaders manage its use and safe return, as well as teaching small games. Please view the gallery for the most recent updates and see our monthly 'new game'.



Buddies are trained to support pupils who may struggle with friendships at playtimes or need help solving any mini misunderstandings. They wear bright tabards so that pupils can quickly and easily find them! If problems feel too big then Buddies will automatically go to an adult however we usually find they are very good sorting out upsets or pupils who need a little help. Please see our gallery for updates and advice from our buddies on 'Finding and keeping friends'.