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Wartime recipes


When we were researching rationing for our Horrible Histories writing, we found some very interesting WW2 recipes. Vinegar cake, sweet potato chocolate spread, carrot jam and carrot cookies were the ones that we thought sounded the most disgusting!

Oscar was kind enough to bake carrot cookies and vinegar cake for us to try!


Here are some of our thoughts:

Over the weekend, I made vinegar cake and carrot cookies inspired by the WW2 recipe. They tasted amazing but the carrot cookies tasted more like carrot cake. By Oscar
The carrot cookie tasted fabulous. The dough was extraordinary and the carrot had just the correct balance. A delightful dish. By Raphael

The vinegar cake tasted really nice. Out of the two I think that the best one is the vinegar cake. It was a delightful cake. By Archie