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Robin Hood And The Hoodies (Yr 3 and 4 Spring Production)


Lower KS2 Production.

Year 3 and 4 Production, 'Robin Hood and the Sherwood Hoodies’, was an absolute hit in Term 4 ; so many lovely comments and such positive feedback. Thank you. children amazed us all with their sense of fun, comradery and confidence. So many lines and such catchy songs; fantastic! This is only the second year we have had a year 3 and 4 production. As the school has grown we felt it was important to give Lower KS2 the opportunity to take to the stage and show their talents. script was certainly chosen well, to suit the current year 3 and 4 cast. Our thanks go to the whole year 3 and 4 team who worked incredibly hard to make sure it all came together on the day.

Miss Goodman  ( now Mrs Seymour) was thrilled, stating:- ‘The children have shown a wonderful commitment to the play and we would like to thank all of the adults for helping them at home with their lines and for providing them with costumes. We couldn't have asked for a more wonderful group of children to work with. Roll on next Easter!’

  Children's quotes following the performance :-

Abi  C  “I enjoyed last’s night’s performance because we sang much louder and clearer than before. I kept on smiling and was looking for my grandma in the audience. She said it was really good.”

Sarah T“I was nervous and excited at the same time - but I found that when I smiled I felt better. Our dance teacher came especially to watch and she said it was really good.”

Molly M – I really enjoyed Robin and Sherwood Hoodies because I couldn’t help to smile. My favourite line was ‘The big cow has a fat bottom’.

William L – As much as I was nervous, I still enjoyed the dancing on the stage. I also enjoyed making a mess on the stage with the Ketchup.

Archie B – The performance was a good show and everyone laughed when I did my jazz hands. Now my Dad won’t let it go…he keeps calling me Dave!

Oscar R – I liked the show because I had lots of funny lines. I even got to use the squishier!

Vinnie K – I enjoyed the show and saying my line. I really liked doing the ‘Helping Hand’ dance and singing loudly.

Daniel L – I had a brilliant time on the stage. I loved how all the Merry Men said their lines so clearly.

Raphael – I enjoyed it very much because of the humour in the play. I loved saying my lines and embarrassing my Dad by wishing him a Happy Birthday.