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Kenyan Exchange visit Mrs Chapman and Mr Thomas returned safely from their exchange with Lembus Primary School in Kenya. They thoroughly enjoyed their visit and have learnt a lot about the culture and education. In total, Mrs Chapman and Mr Thomas spent four days in school and celebrated national heroes day with the local children and their families. Lembus Primary School has 295 children so is similar in size to Ann Edwards. They were the first British people to visit the school so it was a truly humbling experience for both the Kenyan children and our teachers. The experience was life changing for Mrs Chapman and Mr Thomas, not only with the amount of food they were offered throughout the trip but how the people of Kenya work so hard for their families. Lembus Primary School is located on the side of hill, with spectacular views of the Great Rift Valley. The school is made up of ten classes in very basic conditions. The age of the children ranges from 3 years to 14 years with many having to walk up to 6km to school every day. The school day starts at 8am and finishes at 4pm. Our Teachers were invited to have lunch with the schools Chairman and his family. This was a very exciting opportunity for Mrs Chapman and Mr Thomas. The chief was very keen to meet with the British teachers and ask lots of questions about our culture. This was an experience for them as it was the first time that they got to visit a traditional house, with mud walls. This was furthered, when on the last day of the trip Mrs Chapman and Mr Thomas were invited to attend a leaving assembly in which, the village chief, chairman and parents all made speeches and made us feel truly part of their community. Mrs Chapman and Mr Thomas have now set up an on-going project through the connecting classrooms grant with Lembus Primary School. We are going to help them develop their school landscape, for example conserving the growth of trees in the school compound and at Ann Edwards Primary.