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‘Learning and Achieving Together in a Caring Community’
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Fantastic Creatures Topic Introduction

We had some very special visitors to come and help us to introduce our new topic , Fantastic Creatures! On Monday morning James's mum brought in their puppy, Phoebe. She is a pointer puppy and we found out how to take  care of a puppy and all the things she needed to be looked after properly. On Wednesday Oliver's mum came to talk to us about her job as a veterinary nurse. She told us about the smallest and biggest animals she had helped and she brought in some special vets  clothes to try on. We looked at x-rays of different animals and found out that these special pictures help the vet to see what is wrong with the animals. On Thursday we had a visit from Fraser's mum with their pet bearded dragon, Boulder. We found out that he likes warmth and that they have a special light to make sure he is warm enough. We found out that he eats salad and cockroaches.