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Anti Bullying Week Nov 2016

   National Anti-Bullying Week 14th  November to 18th November

This week all schools will be involved in promoting Anti Bullying through a dedicated week focusing on: - What bullying is, how to stand up to bullies and why it is important we address issues of bullying together. With this in mind on Friday last week all Year 5 and 6 pupils had the opportunity to work with 'Stay Safe' charity who travel the South-West counties to deliver key messages around bullying. Richard, the organiser, taught the children: how to recognise bullying; the four types of bullying (verbal, physical, social and cyber) and strategies to deal with bullying. The children engaged in role-playing different scenarios and answered some challenging questions. The pupils behaved sensibly and sensitively throughout the workshop and have left knowing the key message: "Speak Out and Say Something!" Many thanks needs to go to Richard for his enthusiasm and energy in delivering this worthwhile workshop. Today we built on this through a whole school Anti Bullying week assembly which teachers will further build on in classes